Chapter 126 Release!

Good Evening all, posting the chapter I meant to get finished on Sunday.

Hah, well I said I had things now figured out, direction and such all cleared up but that doesn’t quite mean I have the time to write as I’d like lol

Chapter 126 – Acceptance & Rejection (Part 4)

I’m going to aim to try to post 1-6 chapters this week. Can’t say how many I’ll actually get done, but who knows ?🙂

Chapter 123 Release!

Good Morning fellow crazed-for-chapter people ^^

Releasing the new chapter of GT! WOO!

Chapter 123 – Acceptance & Rejection (Part 1)

Day off (sort-off) today compared to my regular routine and seeing as how I’ll be tied down with limited ability to do much else, I think I should be able to focus and get some recreational-writing done ^^

I’m planning to release another chapter later today (as this is one of those multiple-part chapters). So I want to write the second part that goes along with this chapter and release it asap. I will also hopefully write some of what I’ll be releasing later this week (should be possible). My aim is to write enough to be able to lay down the foundation to release a few chapters in the next few days despite limited time.

I’ve had some more fans ask about a schedule and about releases. I’ve previously addressed this as best as I can. I am doing a lot of things at the moment and a chapter a week is likely the best I can do (so around 1 chapter per 7 days) this week will likely be an exception to that. If you want me to say “I will release said chapter on Monday” or something like that then I can only disappoint you. I can either lie and say I will release a chapter on a specific day and then fail to meet that deadline knowingly (as I can only write when I find the time and the times I find to write are sporadic at the moment) or I can tell you what I’ve told you so far, I’ll aim to (even while swamped by a bunch of things) release a chapter every 7 or so days, whenever I can. If I do better, I will do better.

I can’t say at what times or what days for now, so check back whenever you can ^^



Chapter 121 & 122 Releases

Double chapter releases as previously said:

Chapter 121 – Final Hurdle & Chapter 122 – Solemn Faces

Double release, whoa – don’t think I’ve ever done that since the start of my site lol

I’ve fixed a bunch of broken or missing links, so if anyone knows any missing links in chapters (leading to the next or previous chapter) please comment on this post and let me know so I can fix them. (If you do, mention chapter # – Thanks!)

UPDATE – Long Awaited Answers


I’ve received a few requests for an *Update* on what’s going on and chapters.

I appreciate that there are fans who read my work who are moved enough to bother inquiring about more chapters (whether polite or not).

As most of the readers know, I’ve had a change recently that has derailed me quite a bit in terms of my personal time and ability to write as often as before. That not only hasn’t changed but a few other factors combined to drastically slow down my writing;

  1. Work
  2. Actively looking for a different job as we speak
  3. Hit a long coming road block. Not with the story per-se but rather with something I knew I would have to eventually address in the story that I had put off until it was relevant and now that we’ve hit the Lumea-Zone it *is* relevant.
  4. Personal commitments

After all, while I enjoy writing this story, it is after all something I do not get paid for in any way.

I actually had a break through on Thurs regarding that roadblock I just previously mentioned. It was something that was an issue (or was going to be) for the past month and it was a pretty big deal to me in terms of organizing the future of the story, unfortunately the time I have to write is now far more limited. This “breakthrough” will make writing a lot easier for me, but I still need the time to do it.

Where-as before I posted around 4 chapters a week, now I will struggle to post 1-2 chapters a week for a while.

On different news, I began writing my story “Dark Star of Fate” which I’d planned on doing ages ago but had never did. I’ve written the first few chapters and because I’m writing it at a slower pace I am correcting problems as I go along. I don’t think it’s too crazy for me to say that I believe that once I finish it’ll be of much higher quality than God’s Trials. Although perhaps that’s biased. I’m planning on continuing to write this story while writing GT which will again be another factor towards slowing down the num of GT chapters released weekly. My plan is to finish the first arc or novel of DSoF before beginning to release the chapters (Which will drastically help regarding consistency).

I have a feeling that the fans that stick with me and GT in the long-term will eventually ask and therefore I will pre-emptively answer. DSoF and GT will be in a shared universe. The stories will have some coinciding factors while I won’t bother saying “It’s a prequel, sequel, happening at the same time else where” etc

I’m certain it’ll be a nice treat for those of you enjoying GT.

As for GT chapters, I’ve got most of one already finished so I will release a chapter in a bit, I was going to try and write another and release that tomorrow (spread them out) but I have a long waited for time-off trip starting tomorrow where I won’t be doing anything within my regular routine. Therefore, I will try and finish both chapters. If I do, I’ll release both simultaneously, if I only release one then that’ll be all for the next few days.

Due to the “breakthrough” I had in establishing something essential to the development of the story in GT, I managed to finish planning out the rest of the Lumea arc as well. I’ve also finished (as you should have guessed) introducing a lot of the characters that will be of relevance (and some without) for a while. Meaning that a good chunk of what comes next will no longer detract from Daichi’s story and where he will go from here.

Chapter 119 Release

Woo! Next Chapter released!

Chapter 119 Arrival (Part 3)

Anyways, I took a bit of time to try and reorganize a few things and make some notes. I’m not quite done but I do have a better feel for where this is directly going and how I can tie in the things I laid some easter eggs for already in this arc. It should all start to unfold in the next 10 or so chapters quite well.

The next chapter release shouldn’t be too far from now seeing as I’ve already started it. I am going to focus on making sure I can cut on the fluff while still making the story progress how I’d like.

Chapter 118 Release

I was away, didn’t mean for it to happen but sometimes that’s just how it goes. Priorities and all ya know?

Apologies to the fans that do like my story and read daily😦

Chapter 118 Arrival (Part 2) Here’s a chapter

I’m behind and I read a post that I agree with. I’ve been so focused on getting this and that done that I’m not too happy with the quality of my writing and the story itself. I am likely going to re-outline to try and connect what I had in mind (that’s good) with where I currently am this week. I think I might come out with less chapters but make them better. I don’t want to turn into one of those online writers that write this and that solely to hit a word count.