God’s Trials – Extra Chapters Promotion

Similar to the promotion I set up when I first started my site, I mentioned this in an earlier post but thought it best to dedicate a specific post to the “Promotion”.

Support GT by voting for God’s Trials on <TopWebFiction>

I’d very much appreciate the votes, and I’ll make the effort to reciprocate to my fans.

Every week GT’s votes hit/pass 100, I’ll include an extra weekly chapter. On top of the regular chapter(s) for the week.

Supporting God’s Trials and/or BD

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and due to a comment from earlier decided to take the plunge and create a Patreon page.

<Haruimi’s Patreon Page>

The reason I have not done so before, is twofold:

1.) Since beginning my first web-novel: God’s Trials I have received a total of $1.50 in support from one fan (You know who you are, and thanks!) which has been a very small overall sum through my paypal link. There is a link on the main page taking any and all those interested to my paypal donation page, but it hasn’t been a hit and I have not pressed the issue as I have always wanted God’s Trials and BD to be free works.

2.) I take commitments seriously, at least ones that where others are putting in their efforts requiring my to reciprocate. Thus far I have received non-existent financial support, and only some fan recognition. Therefore I’ve felt free to post and not post chapters at my leisure. There are multiple tiers to those who decide to become patreons, and I intend to honor the pledges made. Which is something I will have to add to my schedule.

Unfortunately, recently I have had too many things on my plate for GT to be a top commitment. I have also started a new story and have implemented and written quite a few chapters in just the last few weeks. Soon I plan on slowing down the release rate for Bloodmoon Destiny (Which by now, some readers have figured out it is a sequel to God’s Trials). It will have some crossover, and a little unlike GT I have fleshed out all of the main plot points for the story. I have a general idea of how long it will be… And it won’t be longer than 300-400 chapters depending on whether I drag some things out.

Due to the fact that I will be slowing down on BD weekly regular releases, this leaves room to increase my GT regular releases and sponsored releases 🙂 (Details on Patreon)

My point being… I would appreciate any and all support that readers are willing to offer, and humbly ask you to support GT and BD through my new <Haruimi’s Patreon>.


BD: Chapter 31 Release & GT Update

Good Afternoon All!

Fourth BD Release of the week: BD: Chapter 31 – Sight Seeing Training (Part 4)

PS: I know a lot of GT fans are fuming about the lack of steady releases. I do apologize, but even one chapter a week has been tough with the other facets of my life going on, and what little writing focus I normally have gets focused on the BD chapters.

I’m sure plenty of fans that can stick through both stories will enjoy the cross over portions though 🙂

I will release 2 chapters of GT today. Already finished the first and the second is being hashed out, I’m planning on releasing both at the same time.